What’s the #1 thing photographers are missing out on when generating more leads?

Since the beginning of time, we have always been sales people. Adam and eve sold themselves to each other. Neil Armstrong sold NASA the fact that he should be the first man on the moon. Martin Luther sold people on having a dream of equality. McDonald’s sells me on wanting to upgrade to a large meal.

As Daniel Pink says in his book ‘to sell is human.’ Then why do we struggle with this concept over and over again? Well, there are many psychological factors that stop us from selling. Looking into different industries there is one common factor that is stopping us from selling online, and that is we don’t use a sales funnel.

Imagine you are a wedding photographer. I ask you do you think the couple that is getting married got engaged after the first date? Almost certainly not. Why is this? It is because it takes time to build that relationship with the person you are selling to. Unless they have a burning desire at that point to solve that problem. Let’s take the wedding couple, the groom to be may have been called up for the army and they want to get married before he goes. There is urgency there.

So how does this apply to a wedding photographer? Between 1% and 3% of customers are ready to buy right now.

  • Around 1% of customers are ready to buy right now.
  • 33% know they have a problem but don’t yet know the solution, e.g they are looking for a photographer but don’t know what style they want.
  • 33% will have this problem in the future, e.g they are not yet engaged.
  • The other 33% will never buy from whatever you offer.

What we usually do is sell to that 1% instead of the 66% that could buy from you in the future.

We live in a world now where there is knowledge at the click of a button:

  • You are looking for the best price, GOOGLE IT.
  • You are ill and want to check your symptoms GOOGLE IT.
  • You want to lose weight,
  • Learn an instrument,
  • Learn to cook,
  • Speak a new language


Your potential customers have a wealth of knowledge available to them, therefore you have to provide more value to them from the first step.

This is where sales funnels come in. You drip feed information always adding value for the customer. When it comes to the buying decision you are then the obvious choice. Offer more value than your competitors and you stop competing on price.

But what do the best photographers use to create a sales funnel?  They use Click Funnels. We have created a complete walkthrough of how a photographer use (in our opinion) the best sales funnel programme on the market. You can see it here and as a bonus for reading we will even give you a proven funnel that is already working totally FREE (we also like to add value)

Looking to understand more about the process?

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