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Our Vision is To Make business and personal growth easy

With the right tools and support, you can achieve success. 

However, we believe that success is not solely about reaching a goal; it’s also about experiencing a sense of accomplishment. 

Merely hitting numbers is pointless if you don’t feel the fulfilment that comes with it.

Our Mission is to provide solutions that empower your success.

starting up in business after corporate work

Ep7 – Setting Up in Business after working in a Corporate World

Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide Transcript Martin Rodgers: Welcome everybody to the entrepreneurs’ survival guide. Here we welcome our very first guest on the podcast, which is awesome to have James Powys from ICS business coaching. Welcome, James. James Powys: Thank you. Martin. Martin Rodgers: Great to have you on board. What

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Giving Up The Day Job and Going Self Employed

Let the journey towards self employment begin It was 2009 and I was a working at Citibank who had taken over Egg Bank just a few years back. After working in various departments, I was now a customer experience manager. Over the last 10 years I’d worked so hard, but

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The Impossible Year

Let me tell you a quick story about when I was 20 years old Assistant Manager at Jacobs photographic. Each day my Dad would give me a lift to the train station, and I would wait on a cold train platform feeling rough and ill but determined to go to

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Where it all began (my back story)

This is the first episode of our new podcast ‘Entrepreneurs Survival Guide’  Hi, I’m Martin Rodgers, welcome to this first episode of Entrepreneurs survival guide. You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today. The first part of the journey all started back

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6 Keys to Being Successful When Phoning Prospects

The 6 Keys to Successful Prospecting Calls Purpose Preparation Structure State Rapport – Questions Reflection 1) What is the primary purpose of calling the prospect? You need to consider the purpose of the call – What is the positive outcome you are looking to achieve? How will you know you’ve

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Our development system is based around 5 unique key components.


Discover how to understand your business, people and market place.


Learn how to develop websites, funnels marketing plans and more.


How to attract and convert visitors into customers.


Learn how top optimise your results by utilising data.


Implement robust automated systems and processes to ensure sustainable, long-term growth for your business.

Here is a small sample of what you'll find answers to on this site:


Developing your business and personal growth strategy.


Understand the market place and your customers fully.


Crafting products and services that people want to buy.

Conversion Engines

Websites, Funnels, Opt-ins and Lead Magnets which conversion engine should you develop.


Learn all about internet traffic, where does it come from? How do you channel?


Discover how to measure results and performance.

Our enduring VALUES



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We listen to your needs, respect your goals, and develop tailored strategies to help you succeed. All our solutions are built on doing in-depth research into your marketplace and company.



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We stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring your business remains competitive and agile in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We are invested in continually learning new and emerging marketing tactics and tools.



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We focus on driving measurable outcomes, maximising ROI, and helping your business grow. We don’t just produce reports, we analyse and interpret the results so they’re meaningful and helpful.



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We understand the unique challenges small business owners face and are committed to supporting you every step of the way.
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