Ep12 James Burkes shares how to go from homeless to 6 figures

box to 6 figures

What does it take to earn that magical 6 figures income? From Homeless to 6 Figures in 3 Years Do you ever imagine you’d end up on the streets after an unsuccessful childhood and sports career that goes nowhere? Yet, there’s a silver lining. Welcome to the world of James Burke, a world-ranked business coach […]

Ep11 Accelerate Business Growth By Getting Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Business growth

Episode Summary Running your own business as an entrepreneur obviously comes with risks. If you are trying to scale and grow your business, even more risk is involved. Has your growth begun to plateau? It’s time for a shift! Change how you think about business and start working on the growth strategies outlined in this […]

Ep9 – Lee Chambers reveals secrets to overcoming adversity

You can find Lee Chambers here: Find Lee on LinkedIn Visit Lee’s website Connect with Lee on Facebook Tweet Him Full Transcript of Interview Martin Rodgers: So welcome to the entrepreneur’s survival guide. Lee is great to have you on board. Thank you very much for joining us. So, um, tell us, Lee, we’ve been […]

Ep8 – Battle of Introvert vs Extrovert which is best?

introvert or extrovert battle

Introvert vs Extrovert – The 2nd part to my interview with James Powys. What are the strengths of an introvert vs an extrovert? is one better than the other? let’s find out… Episode 8 Transcript Martin Rodgers: I recently saw your LinkedIn profile. You’ve done a brilliant series talking all about introverts and I think , […]

Ep7 – Setting Up in Business after working in a Corporate World

starting up in business after corporate work

Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide Transcript Martin Rodgers: Welcome everybody to the entrepreneurs’ survival guide. Here we welcome our very first guest on the podcast, which is awesome to have James Powys from ICS business coaching. Welcome, James. James Powys: Thank you. Martin. Martin Rodgers: Great to have you on board. What we’re going to look at […]

The secret tool that will ensure your new year resolutions stick.

  The best thing about this tool is that you already own it. You’ve just not been using it to its full potential. In fact, because I want to include myself in this so let me change that to ‘we have not been using it well.’ When you use this tool to its full potential, […]

Buyer Personas – A customer making me cry teaches us everything

    The first time a customer made me cry, it taught me everything I needed to know about buyer personas, and I didn’t even realise it. Looking back now, I’m really grateful for the event and in a minute I’ll tell you how it all happened. Firstly, what did it teach me? It taught […]

Giving Up The Day Job and Going Self Employed

Let the journey towards self employment begin It was 2009 and I was a working at Citibank who had taken over Egg Bank just a few years back. After working in various departments, I was now a customer experience manager. Over the last 10 years I’d worked so hard, but now I really wanted to […]

The Impossible Year

Let me tell you a quick story about when I was 20 years old Assistant Manager at Jacobs photographic. Each day my Dad would give me a lift to the train station, and I would wait on a cold train platform feeling rough and ill but determined to go to work and do something. I’d […]