Capitalising On Marketing In Autumn

Capitalising On Marketing In Autumn

Autumn is here, and it’s time for you to start looking at ways you can capitalise this season. With all the events coming up this season, you can look to capitalise on marketing trends to boost sales leading into the winter months. What do you have planned for the upcoming months, and how successful do you think you will be

Let’s look at upcoming marketing trends and how you can get ahead and capitalise.

Summer Vs Autumn Marketing

Summer Marketing Vs Autumn Marketing

The shift from summer marketing to Autumn marketing is a noticeable shift that you probably recognise subtly. This is apparent in every aspect of marketing, from the social media content you produce to the ads you create on Google. The key difference between summer and Autumn marketing can be seen in the imagery, followed by the copy. The bright summery images showing off outdoors and socialising may switch to a more cosier afternoon walk showing trees beginning to shed their leaves. The copy of the marketing may also back up this cosier feel.

One key difference the two seasons can make to your marketing is the offer you present to your audience. In the summer, you may have particular products that sell exceptionally well, but as the seasons shift, you begin to see a downwards spiral in the product’s success. It’s part of your job to find which products sell best at specific points of the year to put your marketing in the best position to capitalise on the specific season.

The Importance Of Planning Ahead

Planning ahead of the season will put you in a much better position to capitalise on the months ahead and allow you to outperform your competitors. A well thought out marketing plan should include the build up to the massive event and the event itself. How do you get your audience excited for the special event coming up? You should have two to three weeks promoting the event before it comes around, and then create even more posts promoting it throughout the week. Outlining this into a plan will allow you to ramp up your marketing as the event get closer.

Significant Events To Capitalise On In Autumn

Halloween Marketing

Now you understand the shift between summer marketing to Autumn marketing and the importance of planning ahead, let’s look at some of the massive events happening this Autumn and some ways that you could capitalise on them.


The first event in Autumn is Halloween, a spooky time of the year which your marketing definitely needs to incorporate. Your imagery and copy should be self explanatory for this event and should promote spooky and scary content while promoting your products or services. You could also run a special trick-or-treat deal for your product or services, giving some lucky winners a special deal.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

These two events could be categorised as two separate events; however, the principle of this particular weekend in Autumn is the same. Customers across the world will be looking for deals saving them money. If you run marketing alongside Black Friday and Cyber Monday, your marketing might only break even. But it’s what you do after these sales that matter for this campaign. Now that you have excited your customers with your product or service, you should look at ways to upsell them more offers to bring more value.

Across social media and Google Ads leading up to these dates, you should be promoting the deals and offers you have available. These events aren’t just over a weekend anymore, start offering smaller deals at the beginning of the week and slowly ramp up the savings as the week goes on.

Autumn Marketing Trends

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is a great way to showcase your excellent copywriting and graphic design skills. You should tailor your marketing about setting off fireworks and making a bang in your industry. When done right correctly, capturing your audience’s attention should be easy, and then your offer will be able to shine through.

How We Help

This blog has hopefully given you some guidance for the upcoming months and encouraged you to own some of the best marketing and capitalise this Autumn. At The Success Academy, we want to help you have a successful Autumn season and beyond. Get in contact with us, and let’s discuss the opportunities available to you and how you can capitalise today.


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