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Martin Rodgers, Founder of Success Academy.

In a nutshell, I love helping people to succeed and overcome their challenges because like a lot of us life has given me my fair share of problems (Kidney Failure and Crohn’s to be exact). These challenges have given me the gift of driving me to look for ways to create a legacy for my family and the way I enjoy doing this the most is helping business owners to succeed.

I believe we can all achieve our desired levels of success in business, if we utilise our minds and take advantage of automated digital marketing solutions.

Understanding that digital marketing can sometimes be seen as overwhelming and difficult to implement, my aim is to help SME’s scale their businesses in a stress free way.


Trained and qualified coach helps me get a deep understanding of your goals and challenges.

Systems Orientated

Deep understanding of how to build systems and processes that enable business growth.

Certified Marketing

Certified Direct Response Copywriting specialist, getting your prospects to engage and convert with persuasive messaging.

Problem Solving

A mindset for unravelling problems and creating solutions to achieve desired goals.

NLP Practitioner

Qualified Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, understanding how the mind works and what motivates people.

Freedom and Integrity

My biggest values that drive me to help people in the right way.

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Our Marketing Services

We create marketing solutions that work.

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Marketing and Sales Funnels
  • Results based solutions
Creating Scalability

Connect you to people and tools

  • Finding your ideal clients
  • Sharing knowledge not keeping secrets
  • Create a constant flow of clients
Achieving your goals

Results based solutions

  • Coaching solutions tailored to you
  • Unparalleled resources
  • Giving you FREEDOM

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Make advertising an investment not a cost