Meet Success Academy

Founder - Martin Rodgers

My journey of aiding others to surmount their challenges and attain their business aspirations stems from a deeply personal saga. Like many, I've faced life’s tumults head-on, battling Kidney Failure and Crohn’s disease.

During a particularly grueling night in the hospital, the clarity of purpose dawned upon me. The adversities I faced were not a roadblock, they were a catalyst propelling me to create a lasting legacy.


This newfound realisation wasn’t merely about safeguarding my family's future; it was about doing this by leveraging my passions and skills of helping others on their quest to carve out their legacies.


This revelation was the cornerstone that led to the inception of Success Academy and Success Digital, the twin pillars of our enterprise, each embodying a distinct facet of our mission to foster success among budding and established entrepreneurs alike.


Success Academy is devoted to unfolding the potential within ambitious individuals through online resources, mentoring, and coaching. We provide actionable techniques, invaluable tools, and insightful knowledge, nurturing your trajectory towards business prosperity. Tailored for startups, new, and micro-businesses, Success Academy is your ally in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.


On the other hand, if a more hands-on, strategic approach resonates with you, Success Digital welcomes you to a realm of meticulously curated ‘done for you’ digital marketing solutions.


Acting as your outsourced virtual marketing department, we are committed to augmenting client engagement, driving revenue, and amplifying profits. We delve beyond the superficial goal of lead generation to ensure substantial, rewarding results. If you’re at the cusp of scaling but find yourself ensnared in the scalability conundrum, Success Digital is your conduit to transcending those barriers and soaring to new heights.


Guiding Your Business to Success with C.A.R.E



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We listen to your needs, respect your goals, and develop tailored strategies to help you succeed. All our solutions are built on doing in-depth research into your marketplace and company.



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We stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring your business remains competitive and agile in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We are invested in continually learning new and emerging marketing tactics and tools.



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We focus on driving measurable outcomes, maximising ROI, and helping your business grow. We don’t just produce reports, we analyse and interpret the results so they’re meaningful and helpful.



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We understand the unique challenges small business owners face and are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Our business development system is based around 5 unique key components.


Discover how to understand your business, people and market place.


Learn how to develop websites, funnels marketing plans and more.


How to attract and convert visitors into customers.


Learn how top optimise your results by utilising data.


Implement robust automated systems and processes to ensure sustainable, long-term growth for your business.