3 Tips on How to Successfully Scale Your Coaching Business to Make More Money

scaling your coaching business

Just getting started in coaching or looking to scale your coaching business? This is a great quick read for you.

Coaching is a great way to help people while making money. But we know that there are some times where your stable of clients dries up, and there are some times where you have more clients than you can handle. How do you effectively and reliably fill your calendar with coachable clients, without overwhelming yourself?

This is a common problem in the coaching industry for two reasons. One reason that you struggle to fill your calendar is that you don’t have a scalable and automated online system that can help funnel clients your way. Another common reason for ending up in a client famine? You filled your calendar, and then stopped marketing. When you stop marketing, clients stop signing up. When clients stop signing up, you get a gap in your calendar.

Here are our three top tips for how to keep a steady flow of clients filling your coaching calendar.

Tip #1: Implement an Automated Marketing System

word of mouth sales don't help coaches scale their business
Word of mouth sales are cool but unreliable

Word of mouth is unpredictable. Referrals can be few and far between. The easiest way to make and maintain a steady flow of qualified leads that will turn into the clients you need is to implement an automated marketing system. An automated marketing system can ensure that clients can find you when they need you, no need to know one of your existing clients.

The critical element to your automated marketing system is the sales funnel that will drive people to apply for your services. A sample funnel design is FB Ad (traffic) → Content (Engage) →Opt In (Subscribe) → Application → Schedule(Convert). Each of these elements is important to driving the final sale, but the one that will help you land the most clients is the content.

The content you create to show potential clients the value of your services can be anything: a downloadable PDF, a short video, a webinar, or a podcast. Whatever you create should solve part of the problem your potential client has; this shows them the value you can give them and entices them to schedule an appointment to discuss how you can help them achieve their business goals.

2 systems that really help scale your coaching business –

      1. Clickfunnels (Start here FREE ClickFunnels 3-Day Summit Event!)
      2. Calendar Booking system (Check out calendly or bookafy)

Tip #2: Constant Contact with Clients and Potential Clients is Required

Coaching is a close, personal relationship. People do not generally buy on their first interaction with you because of this fact. People need to get to know you. They need to form a relationship with you before they decide to choose you as their coach. One way to do this is to keep in contact with them after their first interaction.

People want a coach that is invested in their success, even if they aren’t their official coach yet. An email opt-in form that offers a small discount or a free download will let you establish a communication outlet where you can check in with them. This ‘ethical bribe’ will also share your expertise, let them know about any special offers. Lastly, it is there to build a relationship.

Alternatively, you can establish relationships through social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. A strong LinkedIn presence shows your potential clients you know what you’re talking about and allows them a lower-key way to stay in touch and build a relationship. Facebook can provide the same benefits but in a way that can showcase more of your business’s personality. There are many ways to stay in touch; the important thing is that you do.

Tip #3: Get Help with Your Marketing

get help scaling your business
Nothing wrong with getting a helping hand

There’s a strong belief among small business owners that you should know how to do your own marketing and own it. This is a false belief. As a coach, you are an expert in your field; there is no need to be an expert in marketing as well. Trying to do your own marketing when you are not an expert can lead to frustration, overwhelm, and stress.

What you need to remember is that there is a difference between delegation and abdication. You would never coach your clients to do absolutely everything themselves; you teach them about delegation. You should apply that same lesson to marketing. Working with a marketing expert means you should be working WITH them. Teach them about your business story. Work with them on what your message and offer will be and let them do their thing, rather than trying to do it all yourself.

Your calendar does not have to be feast or famine; there are better ways to market and scale your coaching business; Establish a client pipeline that’s reliable and consistent.

Discover how you can break free of the coaches scalability trap by booking a free discovery call today. We want to help you build a better coaching business.


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