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About Us

Our Marketing Services

We create marketing solutions that work.

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Marketing and Sales Funnels
  • Results based solutions

Connect you to people and tools

  • Find your clients
  • Give you the knowledge
  • Show you how to Do It Yourself
Achieving your goals

Results based solutions

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Unparalleled resources
  • Giving you FREEDOM

Facts About Martin Rodgers

(Success Academy Founder)


I thought rather than tell you about how amazing I am and the usual stuff that you see in this section, I’d share some of my traits and key Strengths, as told by a psychometric test, so it must be true.

So it says Martin…

  • helps keep overly emotional or creative types grounded.
  • respect’s others’ needs to express their creativity.
  • works equally well with the artistic and non-artistic types.
  • can work well with others to create and innovate.
  • pay’s attention to return on investment in business, or team activity.
  • make’s a decision with practicality and bottom-line dollars in mind.
  • keeps an ear to the revenue clock, your own and the organisation’s
  • is highly productive.
  • is able to multi-task in a variety of areas, and keep important projects moving.
  • has a strong ‘buck stops here’ approach to business and getting things done.
  • has a very high energy level to work hard at meeting goals.
  • is able to plan and design work projects for teams to accomplish.
  • is able to plan and control your own work tasks.

What people say…
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